Re: Exploring the 4SQRP Group "Member Map" tab

Ray Cadmus

You are correct.  I have not updated the map for some time.  I'll see what I can do.

Just in case someone else might like to undertake an update from time to time I will outline the process that I go through.  There is also the option of simply adding to the location file on the site but that would require that it be made available for download or update.


1 - pull the current fcc data base and place it in something like mysql

2 - parse the member list from the web site to get a simple list of call signs

3 - match that list against the gov db to get addresses

4 - run the address list thru the U-Tex geo site to get location data

5 - put the collected date into a form usable by the open street map

Again, I'll see what I can do but I may be getting too old for this stuff :-)


Ray W9EUM (former W0PFO)


On 8/13/19 7:39 PM, W6BOW via Groups.Io wrote:
Dear All,

Exploring the 4SQRP Group ( "Member Map"  tab ( I find that this utility needs updating. (I can't find myself -W6BOW. Do I exist?)
A "member's callsign lookup box" would be a great addition.

I'd be happy to sponsor or help to sponsor ($$$) an update and upgrade.


Don - W6BOW
San Francisco  CA   USA

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