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Ron - AG1P,

No problem. As I stated before, "Everything in its own time".

What got me interested in the first place was my intention to somehow "map" some of the 4SQRP group of regulars.
Your "Members Map" does this and much more.

I've built and am having excellent success with the Hilltopper20.
My "bucket list" includes "OzarkCon" and "Brutis Bash".

Ron, thank you for your interest and quick response.

Again ...

"Everything in its own time"
...and ...
"I'd be happy to sponsor or help to sponsor ($$$) an update and upgrade."


San Francisco  CA  USA

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GM Don,
Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was long health-related visits day.
You are correct. The map is static. The program that generates the map needs a file with GPS information to generate the map . It was generated by someone several years ago.  To add all the new members is a labor intensive task. I have higher priority tasks on my plate so have not looked into better solution or done the heads down work to get gps coordinates for each of the members to be added and update the file.
72 - Ron - AG1P
4SQRP Volunteer Webmaster
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Subject: [4SQRP] Exploring the 4SQRP Group "Member Map" tab
Dear All,
Exploring the 4SQRP Group ( "Member Map"  tab ( I find that this utility needs updating. (I can't find myself -W6BOW. Do I exist?)
A "member's callsign lookup box" would be a great addition.
I'd be happy to sponsor or help to sponsor ($$$) an update and upgrade.
Don - W6BOW
San Francisco  CA   USA

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