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John - KK4ITX

Hi David,

I’ll have to check your QTH and see where you are in relationship to me in Wells, Maine.  I tried and could not hear much on 7.122 but I noted NC moved up so yet another lesson learned !

Check out NAQCC Nets for a guide to net ops:

And also the SKCC:

Between these two you should get a good idea, to start with I jotted down on a 3x5 Card the expected exchanges so I wouldn’t have to think about them while trying think about the code.

I joined both of the above clubs plus 4S and several others.  Coming up this Sunday is a Skeeter Hunt (NJQRP), Leaf Peepers in October and too many more QRP events on my calendar.

I’ll be trekking back to Florida in a few weeks, perhaps I can work you from there.


Wells Maine / ZephyrHills Florida 

If you need a parachute and don't have one you probably won't need one again.

On Aug 15, 2019, at 08:52, David Speltz <dspeltz@...> wrote:

I have tried for months to join the net.  Now I know you hear me.  And I hear you.  But it would be helpful if someone could describe the protocol for hams like me who are trying to join the net without being a nuisance.  Honest,  But at least  I was heard!  That is good.

David KB1PJ
New Hampshire

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