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John - KK4ITX


Well, CW nets run the same as others and I have had it happen to me, anyone that can be heard that the NC can't should pick up the relay for you...… I believe that is covered in the NAQCC guide.

I usually look up a Call prior to sending an email so that I have some background but today I was more involved with my coffee !  If I had done my usual I would have seen that you were in Portsmouth and that you are not as new to CW as I am but I hope the links help.  I have about 3yrs on you and just picked up CW a few years ago so I need all of the help that I can get.  The QRP Bug got me in 2013 and that occupies 90% of my radio life now...….. way too much fun.



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Those are useful guidelines.  What if NC cannot hear you but others can.  That has been, I think, one of my problems.  By the way, I am in Portsmouth, NH.  Maybe we have heard each other Sunday mornings on either QCWA or PCARC nets.  Thanks.  I will try again next Wednesday if possible.

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