Re: Hi-Per-Mite Center Frequency

Dale Hardin

I'm not likely to mess with the cw filter on the OCX when it arrives and gets constructed.  My HPM is going into my Century 21 rig.  I just ran an analysis of the HPM on LTSpice.  Steep, quick learning curve.  Two things, the resistor names in the LTSpice file are different from the HPM schematic, so beware.  I had taken the spreadsheet results for 750 hz center frequency and found the nearest E64 resistor value.  I plugged those values into LTSpice and got a center frequency of 740.9 hz with -3db bandwidth of 161 hz. YMMV.  So, I am happy with the results and learned a little bit along the way.  Dale KS4NS

Dale Hardin, KS4NS
Elberta, AL

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