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Thank you to Keith and all of the authors for another nice issue of the Banner!

I like to do SOTA activations when I'm able; the nearest "summits" are about 3 hours away from my home. To get my "fix" I also participate in the POTA (Parks On The Air) program since there are several of those to choose from within an hours drive and even a couple within about 20 minutes.

I really enjoyed the post on portable masts. Because of the various park regulations and also because I can be kind of lazy I often extend my mast with the wire attached and then taking the direction of the prevailing wind into consideration I just lean the pole into a tree. Works well and even a Conservation Officer who stopped where I was operating once never said a thing after looking at it.

I have three of the Jackite brand poles and highly recommend them for their ruggedness. My first one (28 ft) is about 20 years old now and is still going strong. Before installing a tower at home it was used outdoors for about 18 months straight as the center support for a NorCal Doublet which was my only HF antenna at the time. The lettering on the pole faded but aside from that it's in great condition.


On 8/17/2019 10:50 AM, Keith Arns via Groups.Io wrote:
The August edition of the Ozark Banner is now available for you to download.  Hope you enjoy it.

Keith Arns

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