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On 8/17/2019 3:00 PM, Tim McDonough N9PUZ wrote:
Because of the various park regulations and also because I can be kind of lazy I often extend my mast with the wire attached and then taking the direction of the prevailing wind into consideration I just lean the pole into a tree.
Another nice thing about Jackite poles is they fit perfectly into EMT (conduit) hanger clamps that can be found at any home improvement store:

By bolting two hanger clamps back-to-back, you have a way to attach the Jackite pole to another round pipe, like the ladder on an RV, fencepost, etc.    With a little work you can make a vertical support that fits into a standard receiver type hitch with a couple of these clamps that will support a 30 ft. Jackite pole without guys.   An old hitch type bike rack provides all the raw material needed.

The performance of a 30'  antenna with three 30' counterpoise wires equals that of nearly any home antenna on 40 meters and does a good job on all bands with a tuner (or preferably an autotuner at the base).   And if you come up with a way to attach it to your vehicle you can avoid any regulatory issues and be on the air in well under 10 minutes.

73,  Bob W9RAN

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