Chasing NK8O via Digital

Ed Meyer, WG5F

Please, don't tell me to go to the KX3 forums or the JT8 Forums... 
They just tend to get too confusing at times. 
I want to try and chase NK8O, Charles, around Tanzania when he tries to get on FT8, PSK-31 over the next couple of weeks. 
(I can use PSK31 directly with the KX3 with no problems.)
If you're running FT8 with your KX3, using a windows laptop, tell me what you've done to make the magic happen.   
I don't have a Mac Book. 
I don't have a USB sound card/dongle.
I do have an old Tigertronics USB interface in a drawer somewhere...
I do have one of the 4S-Link interfaces.
I do have the Elecraft cable set.
If you have a link to a good article or want to guide me (and maybe some other 4-staters) thru it, lemme know.
-Ed, WG5F-

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