Re: Keyer for a Ten Tec Rebel

Paul Smith

I have in my roll top station probably 10 keyers i have built. By far my favorite is the 4SQRP EZ keyer... easy build, the 3 memories work great and the price is good.
YMMV. de Paul N0NBD
Building on the popular EZKeyer and EZKeyer II, this third generation very capable Morse Code keyer has some additional features - a beautiful new easy building enclosure, a smaller footprint, new PIC microcontroller, Speed Pot, larger message memories, new printed circuit board layout, and large push button switches.All connectors, switches, the speed pot, and components are board mounted ...

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Subject: [4SQRP] Keyer for a Ten Tec Rebel
I recently purchased a used Ten Tec 506 Rebel, thinking it would be to fun to experiment with as I continue to hone my CW skills.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a keyer to go with it.  I’ve never used a stand-alone keyer before, so I could use some assistance.  Any recommendations?  Are there any products I should avoid?


Craig Long - K0CSL

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