Re: Chasing NK8O via Digital


 Hello Ed, been doing the digital modes with my KX3 both portable
and at home for awhile now.  I do not support or approve of the
international trend to occupy the 40 mtr cw segment with the digital
modes. At 14 utc was on 7038 khz cw 19 Aug, band was open into
Asia, low and behold my cw signal was obviously observed on their
waterfall displays and they promptly qsy'd down from 7040 khz. Qrm.

 Ed I'll try and answer your questions, in a nutshell the KX3 needs 4
bars of alc, computers clock needs to be accurate, I havent modified
my kx3's heatsink cause I'm not running it at full 15watts, often 3w and less.
 I'm not familiar with your tigertronics usb interface, from your previous
post looks like you've got all the hardware to make it work.
 For FT-8 to work properly, the computers clock needs to be set accurately.
When I have a internet connection, I use a program called: Dimension 4
its free, available to download from here:
Operating portable, with limited cell phone coverage hr in Alaska to keep
the computers clock in sync. I use a tiny gps powered via a usb
cable made by GlobalSat model # BU-353-S4 which sells for 30 bucks.
CQ magazine did a article on doing this at:

 After using KE6GQO, Monte's gps software for awhile, I was so impressed with
how well that lil usb gps works under limited sky coverage (mountainous areas)
registered it with him.
Gps & time sync software, NMEATime2 at:

 Do all of these parts and pieces allways work ?
No. Every windows update, antivirus/malware scans, drivers updates etc.
Other programs that use my soundcard dongle can unknowingly change
audio levels. Potentially trashes something. I've found the following free
com port diagnostic utility useful:

 I hope something of the above is of value, look forward to working you all
on the bands on any mode.

Cheers !
AL7JK, John


On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 1:21 PM <wg5f@...> wrote:
Please, don't tell me to go to the KX3 forums or the JT8 Forums... 
They just tend to get too confusing at times. 
I want to try and chase NK8O, Charles, around Tanzania when he tries to get on FT8, PSK-31 over the next couple of weeks. 
(I can use PSK31 directly with the KX3 with no problems.)
If you're running FT8 with your KX3, using a windows laptop, tell me what you've done to make the magic happen.   
I don't have a Mac Book. 
I don't have a USB sound card/dongle.
I do have an old Tigertronics USB interface in a drawer somewhere...
I do have one of the 4S-Link interfaces.
I do have the Elecraft cable set.
If you have a link to a good article or want to guide me (and maybe some other 4-staters) thru it, lemme know.
-Ed, WG5F-

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