Hi-Per-Mite: Wide Band Mod


Has anyone done a simple Hi-Per-Mite narrow/wide bandwidth modification?
I want to be able to widen the bandwidth to about 1 kHz and then switch it back to 200 Hz when needed.
I am just looking for a way to unbalance the opamps with a single line and not introducing any  hum.
I don't want to do a full by-pass with a switch or have to rebalance the audio gain levels.
I have checked the archives and blogs and only seen references to guys who wanted to do the same.
My Hi-Per-Mite filter is in my repurposed BC-221.
Update.....  5 Sept. 
  No suggestions....so I am just going to use a switch to switch the audio amp input from the filter output to the Rx audio output.
Paul   w0rw

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