ns 40 and ss40 ht


any one in the group with plans to switch  between tx. and rec. think i need to use this little radio .this rec. is very good .sure this has been done just cant remember hi hi .  wife and i thinking abt. trying to swing buy the bash saturday if i am feeling ok . been on the puney side.  got on the net last week or week before  johnny was having a bad storm . worked  bill in conn.  then iti in alaska next.  then i got some lighting shut down . really enjoyed .was hard copy but we made it .  yaesu 817 nd  4.5 watts . what a hoot .not doing church on wed. now! will try and get in more often ' 73   Jim kc0dd   #187      still 12 0r 13 wpm. but loving it .  Hi HI  HAVE A BLESSED DAY 

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