SSS Results

John Lonigro

It should have been expected that the number of people who entered the September Second Sunday Sprint (SSSS?) would be down a bit.  We still had 8 participants, some of whom were definitely at the Big Brutus Bash (BBB).  I consider that a pretty good showing.

The winner for September was Carl WB0CFF, with 20 QSO points.  Carl will receive his certificate in the mail shortly.  For the year, Chas W2SH is still in the lead with 123 QSO points, but the combination of his being a no-show this month and Carl's FB showing suddenly puts Carl a single point behind Chas (122), definitely within striking range.  Nick WB5BKL is hanging in there with 87 total QSO points.  John K4BAI, Gary KF7WNS, and Johnny AC0BQ are the others with 49 or more QSO points for the year.  They all have a chance for the overall third place certificate.

With three months to go, nothing is totally certain, but it looks like Chas and Carl will come in first and second, in an order yet to be determined.  Third place is still up for grabs.  And, as usual, the last three monthly winners for 2019 could be any member with a license, a radio capable of operating QRP, an antenna, and some time the evening of the second Sunday of the month.

Thanks to all who participated and 72,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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