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Me and buddy trying to check in from SW OK last night and nothing heard. Also could not hear anything on Sunday sprint.  It's pretty rough from out QTHs.  I'm new to group and Paul would like to go Iike to join, but right now we're both dumb and deaf.  Will keep trying however. There's always next week.  73.  J

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During these summer and very early autumn Wednesdays my 40m and 80m QNIs have generally only been possible during the final minutes of each net.

This is so because you folks in the 4SQRP heartland need the additional 20 or so minutes of darkness for my five Watts to be heard.  Remember that I have about 70 minutes more evening darkness than you guys.

Of course it works oppositely in the mornings, and way back when there were those Thursday morning 40m nets, I had to be the early bird in order to QNI.

Tonight I was pleased to hear Terry's initial call-up at a solid 559.  I dropped my call sign and to my surprise, he acknowledged it.  Then the house phone rang and my wife brought the portable phone to the basement man cave & shack, chatted with the caller for a minute before passing the phone to me to tell him I'd call back in five minutes.  Meanwhile Terry had given me his stuff, all of which I missed, and so he called again to see if I was still alive.  I gave him my stuff and turned it back to him to hear his close-down dit-dit, to which I responded likewise.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH

P.S.  Terry what was my RST?  Thanks!

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I heard Chas but not you Terry! Too close I guess...

Next time maybe I can ask for a relay, not sure of the procedure!

Jeff N0̸MII

> On Sep 11, 2019, at 9:56 PM, WA0ITP <wa0itp@...> wrote:
> Tonites net was difficult again.  Only Charles W2SH made it in, and we both had high noise levels.  No other signals were heard.
> I wont be able to call net next week, being out of town. Pse someone jump in, were abt due for a good night..
> --
> I love this radio stuff.

Jeff N0̷MII

Charles Moizeau, W2SH

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