Re: Heathkit

GB Hoyt

Here's what I want to see:
and also some green paint for my boatanchor!
GB Hoyt
Lakeland FL

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 8:49 PM, David Bixler <qrp@...> wrote:

Thanks Don for the link. Just completed the survey and "talked up" QRP
and portable operating.

I hope they will be successful in their comeback. I sure
bought/built/used a lot of Heath gear over the years!

73, Dave W0CH

On 05/21/2013 06:49 PM, Don AE5K wrote:
> Heathkit is once again showing some signs of life, believe it or not!
> They right now have an extensive survey up on their web pages, so if you
> are interested in the company, go ahead and spend some time taking it:
> I just did, but skipped a bunch of the questions (which they say is
> permissible). I would venture to say that a vast majority of the
> members of this list have built one or even dozens of Heathkits when the
> company was going strong (in my opinion, before about 1974).
> 73,
> Don AE5K

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