I made my cricket so that I can use any crystal :) And other nonsensical folly :)

Frank Artieta

Hello :)
I now have SIP sockets installed on all my crickets
I am sure there are lots of options as far as sockets for crystals !
I do not like the new DIP socket !
I likely do not understand How to make the DIP sock work properly ?
I think I would bend up my little crystals !
I adapted a FT43 socket to plug into the SIP
Or I can plug the little crystals into the SIP socket quite easily
Now I can use all my crystals !
I often think maybe I ought to choose what I think is the best frequency
ans solder the crystal in permanently !
After all :) A huge part of fun from a lot of my QRP comes from the fact that I am rockbound !
I think maybe a problem with QRP operation is that maybe we're spread out too wide across the Bands
I mean of course  QRP operators who would like to work other QRP operators :)
Like a cricket to cricket :)
On 80 meters I think I will stay on the colorburst frequency 3.579
On 40 I think it will be 7.122 !
I do not have any QRP gear that works 30
I think I might wait to see if we get out of this deep ditch before I become infatuated with 30 meters :)
Anyhow :)
A a specific frequency and time would work wonders for QRP to QRP contacts :)
I yesterday reinstalled my antenna !
It is a 135 foot dipole fed by 450 ohm line
I surly hope conditions improve as we start moving forward towards winter !
72 73 88 and I know no more :)

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