Re: info on QRP-L?

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James M Lowman is the listed moderator of QRP-L and his email address is jmlowman@... 

You might try contacting him directly? 

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The QRP group is still active. Typically, 10-20 posts a day. Check for more info.



     Mike, W8NWA, Nashville, TN


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  Is anyone here also subscribed to the QRP-L list reflector on

  I had been a member for decades, but unsubscribed over a year ago when there was more “noise” than “signal.”

  Wanting to re-subscribe, I sent the necessary email and got responses (twice) “Your request has been forwarded to the list moderator for approval.” Then... nothing. Does QRP-L still exist? Has it moved to .io? Is it worth the effort?

Paul Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI

73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

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