WTB: CW and SSB kits to help the ham community in S2, Bangladesh

KF6VCI <kf6vci@...>

Hi All

greetings from Dhaka. Most ops have a Chinese made H-T. HF is rare and I only found a single CW op, who has been living imn Finland.

- Hilltopper 20 (if no one sells it, when can we expect for it to besold again)
- a 40 m Receiver - you guys used to sell one.
- QCX transceiver & '5Watter' (40 or 20 for both)
- SSB transceiver, be that a BitX20 or something which is good.

CONUS shipping and I do have Paypal and through a friend, an online payment could be arranged, too.

Am hoping for a fair deal as the local guys are usually struggling financially (many are freelance engineers). No, few are on the normal $ 2 a day salaries paid in the textile industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y9UaLKbZQ0 


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