Re: WTB: CW and SSB kits to help the ham community in S2

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GE Lee, OM

thank you for your kind words! There have been dreadful incidents in this city:


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I have been promoting the expansion of these little rigs for over a year now. Even in poor areas amateur radio becomes possible and the public service potential is every bit as feasible as the more expensive and exotic equipment. My prayers and regards.
Lee, W9HIF

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Hi All

greetings from Dhaka. Most ops have a Chinese made H-T. HF is rare and I only found a single CW op, who has been living imn Finland.

- Hilltopper 20 (if no one sells it, when can we expect for it to besold again)
- a 40 m Receiver - you guys used to sell one.
- QCX transceiver & '5Watter' (40 or 20 for both)
- SSB transceiver, be that a BitX20 or something which is good.

CONUS shipping and I do have Paypal and through a friend, an online payment could be arranged, too.

Am hoping for a fair deal as the local guys are usually struggling financially (many are freelance engineers). No, few are on the normal $ 2 a day salaries paid in the textile industry. 


Kind Regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Chris Wagner
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Inside Bangladesh: 880 184 7305 146 (I'm using this number to call back)

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