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thank you thank you its a start terry

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, 06:45:45 PM PDT, nm0s_qrp via Groups.Io <ai9e_qrp@...> wrote:

I did a quick check of the power transistors on the main PCB, since the SMT parts are too small to probe safely.  With 12.6v supplied, the transmitter keyed, and no modulation:

       G    D    S
Q3    7.9  9.8  11.7    FQP7P06
Q11   12   0    12      FQP7P06
Q12   5.0  0    0       IRF510

A large deviation from these voltages would indicate damage to the board, or defective component.

The voltages on the daughter board should read (during receive)

Q    E    B    C
Q1  0   .67   1.43
Q2  0   .59      0
Q3  .656  1.17  5.93
Q4  .166  .753   1.57

73 Dave NM0S

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