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Which CAD software do you use/prefer?


73, -Lloyd (WA4EFS)

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Subject: [4SQRP] 3D Printing


Not long after the 2019 Ozarkcon someone suggested that owners of 3D printers in the club submit a sort of “show and tell” regarding their experience with 3D printing. Several members complied.


I was dealing with a health issue at the time (at my present age of 91.3 years that happens a bit more often than when I got my ham license in 1952) and I never got around to writing. I have had a 3D printer - two, actually, but one cratered - for several years and have designed and printed a wide variety of things, many just for fun, others for practical application.


The 3D printed upper and lower parts of my loop antenna were on display in the flea market at Ozarkcon. Very few people were interested in the loop and so the 3D parts mostly went unnoticed. 


I recently developed a simple but effective 3D printed rack for my KX3/PX3 combo that lets me more clearly see their faces from a comfortable seated position. Several photos that show the thing in use and also in its bare bones are embedded in this message.


If you have a 3D printer with at least a 9” X 9” build plate and the same Elecraft setup as I have and would like to print a rack for your own use, please email me OFF-LIST and I will send you the several required .STL files at no charge. 











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