Re: Nouveau 75 frequency selection


I'd check the connections to the encoder (tuning control) to see if something is not right.  
73 de K0NEB 

On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 2:21 PM, Fred Freer
<k8ig@...> wrote:
Fun kit to build and very professional looking when completed.  
However, having just completed the construction, I was surprised to discover several issues.
The facts:
First, and most importantly, the receiver opens with the no 75 message and defaults to the frequency. Unfortunately, it only tunes 3.839 to 3.840 (the default frequency) and no other frequencies. I cannot select any other frequency.
Second, depressing the tune button does not dim the display (not a big concern) but it does allow me to bring up the 1.901 or 1.902 setting. 
Third, the LED does dim with a strong signal present as from a signal generator.
Fourth, I do have audio from the speaker and headphone jack. 
My question is what may be the cause of limited frequency selection?    
In advance, thanks!  
Fred, K8IG

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