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Dale Putnam

that saddens me, thankyou Terry for the extra effort to let us know.
May Bart enjoy his qrn free chats from now on. 

Have a great day,

Dale - WC7S in Wy

"Actions speak louder than words"

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Test again  I'm trying to post a note abt Bart Lawson W0IIT's passing  but isnt accepting/relaying them.  I'll try again:

One of our founding members Bart Lawson, W0IIT (SK) passed away Friday morning. He, along with Gene Sailsbury N0MQ (SK), Joe Porter W0MQY, and Dave Bixler W0CH formed the 4SQRP in 2003. He was good friend and was respected by all who knew him. His service will be at the Billings Funeral home in Woodward, OK.  Here's a link to his obituary

72 and rest in peace my friend, you will be missed by many.
I love this radio stuff.
On 10/27/2019 4:15 PM, WA0ITP wrote:
I have posted some messages this afternoon but haven't seen them in my inbox.  Is it just my email client, or are others seeing them?

I love this radio stuff.

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