Nouveau 75 Power Output

Curt M.

Has anyone done any testing on the power output of their Nouveau 75?

I have an basic inexpensive DIamond SX200 meter which I suspect isn't perfect across all of the bands for which it was designed for.  If I set the switch for PEP I getting a carrier of 4w.  If I set the mic gain to where it just starts to turn the LED on and I give  fairly loud "Hello!" into the mic I think the meter jumps up to around 10-12w.  If I turn the mic gain up and in the same tone say, "Hello!" it goes to about 18w.

I was kind of thinking that with the mic gain set correctly I would get a little higher output than the 10-12w that I am seeing.  Again, it could be the meter but that's all that's I have.  My Bird 43 without the PEP option will probably not give me a good reading.  Actually I checked the carrier with it and using a brand new 25w slug and it was about 2.5w.  

What's everyone else's experience been with power tests?  Not sure if mine has an issue or not.  The receive clarity is excellent.  

I tried to make a local contact with it and the two guys couldn't hear me.  I used my IC-7300 on full power (25w) and the same antenna and they said they could barely make me out.

Curt M.

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