Re: Nouveau 75 Power Output

Charles W. Powell

I was worried that my Nouveau 75 was not putting out enough power because it only showed about 3 watts of carrier on my scope.  But I finally picked up the mic today and jumped into the end of a QSO and get a 5x9 report from Fort Scott, just shy of 50 miles south as the crow flies.  My antenna is probably too high for ideal NVIS, but it did work.   The audio is apparently quite good with the limiter lighting the panel LED on high peaks.

I have to admit, I was more than excited when the radio worked so well.  


Charles - NK8O

On Oct 30, 2019, at 10:23 AM, Curt M. <WU3URADIO@...> wrote:

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I'm using an end fed wire.  One guy has a full size 80m dipole and the other was only about 5 miles away with a Tarheel on the mobile.  The guy that could hear me on the 7300 was the guy with the Tarheel.  The guy with the full size 80m dipole couldn't hear me on either radio.

My end fed wire is short for 80m at 44' but I nearly have my Worked All States on 80m SSB phone but that's with 100w.

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