Re: QRPGuys help site?

Dave Benson


The Nouveau-75 conveys information (your voice) by Amplitude Modulating its carrier signal.  PSK, by contrast, is expecting a steady signal- a tone with phase reversals to signal 1s and 0s. A setup listening for PSK signals from an AM rig won't decode anything intelligible.

There's also the matter of the bandwidth it uses.  Your transmitted AM signal has both upper and lower sidebands present at equal power levels.  It may well cause QRM to other operators up to 5-6 kHz away, and that's less-than- ideal practice in the digital portion of the band.

73- (The Other) Dave- K1SWL

On Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 2:59 PM Brian Crittendon via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Is there any reason we couldn't use this radio with PSK?

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