QRpometer Power Readings

George Privett


I just received and built a QRPometer. It is a 1st class kit. It is not my first kit, but I have not built many. The board is one of the best I have seen and everything fits as it should.  The SWR readings are perfect the power readings on several QRP rigs give a good comparison between the rigs, but I am not sure if they are correct, and if I assembled something incorrectly. Here are my readings:
Cricket 40 @9v - reading 0.13, @11.5v - reading 0.20
Pixie 2 @9v - reading 0.09, @11.5v - reading 0.15
ATS-3B @9v - reading 0.23, @10v - reading 0.35, @11.5v - reading 0.40
I also tested an Elecraft K2 and IC-7300 with power from 0 to about 12 - the readings went up then down, but did not seem close to what the radio meters were showing

I did re-solder the pads on the Velleman meter, but perhaps this is not correct.


George VY1GP

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