Re: Nouveau 75 power output

Charles W. Powell

That seems to be about what mine puts out, but it made a perfectly fine AM contact with it the other day with it. Remember, that’s less than 3 dB down from the advertised level and it doesn’t make that much difference in your transmitted signal. The receiver doesn’t seem to be wildly sensitive, but I think if it were I think it would overload. I set my modulation by the LED activity, with it flashing only on peaks. WTWW (5085) sounds great, as does the net that meets on 3885. I don’t think I will mess with mine. The enemy of good is better!


Charles - NK8O

On Nov 2, 2019, at 1:29 PM, w9ran <> wrote:

Now that I've got my modulator settled down I'm wondering what others are seeing for RF power output?

With a 13.5VDC supply I get 2.8 watts resting carrier and right at 11 watts PEP on voice peaks with 100% modulation. That was good enough to be heard around the midwest this morning on the Midwest Classic Radio Net, but it's about half of what the Nouveau 75 specification says it should be.

Some comparisons will help determine whether my modulator is still not working right, thanks.

73, Bob W9RAN

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