Nouveau 75 First QSO

Curt M.

Hi guys, while I don’t have the best antenna setup for 75m I put together the Nouveau 75 and I’ve been calling CQ off and on over the last few evenings. Tonight a station came back to me!  The other station was about 130 miles away and I had a few minute QSO with them. He said my signal wasn’t real strong but the audio sounded fine. 

I’m just using a home built end fed antenna 44’ long and only 10’ off the ground so that’s saying something for his station and the output on the Nouveau 75. Surprisingly when I told him I was using a 20w PEP kit radio he called the radio by name so evidently the word is getting out about this radio. 

Just figured I would post of my success with the radio for anyone else that hasn’t been heard yet using their Nouveau 75. 

Curt M.

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