Murania Radio Low Audio Outout

Curt M.

Hi guys, I finished Murania the other day and the speaker the output is really low. I double checked all the the components and everything seems fine. It wasn’t specified if +/- on the speaker had to go on any specific terminals on the secondary of the transformer but I suspect they don’t.

I was expecting that just like with my older transistor radios I would be able to set this on the counter and listen to the baseball games in the summer. I pretty much have to hold the radio within a foot of my head to make it out well. I adjusted the loop for the best sound and my battery is new. I may be able to put a small audio amplifier in the same case but before I do that I wanted to see if this is what everyone else has experienced? It was a fun kit to build but I’m disappointed in the speaker output.  I may not have built it if I knew it was going to be this low.  

Maybe the audio transformer is defective. The manual had me primed for loud audio being that they tell you to set the volume at 50% while testing. Volume at 50% on my radio is nearly impossible to hear. 

Curt M.

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