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VERY EXCELLENT YouTube presentation! Thanks for the link.

The Murania kit reminds me of my dad (the original W6BOW) helping me learn radio and radio building with the Heathkit EK-2.,_Model_EK-2,_AM_%26_SW_Bands,_DIY_Kit_Radio,_6_Vacuum_Tubes,_Made_In_USA,_Circa_1960_(32127931573).jpg

AM broadcast radio was way different back then. Top 40 stuff. Real DJ's (like Casy Kasem on KEWB) to tune in to at night.

Also ...
Very much enjoyed  the "linguistics" component of the discussion.

Don  W6BOW
San Francisco  CA  USA

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No, it ain't, but unlike ain't, neither infotainment nor izzat are in the dictionary.?? Love the creativity, though.
Lee, W9HIF
On 11/10/2019 12:49, WA0ITP wrote:
In case you missed it, here is a link to Dave's excellent Murania You Tube video??

It's short and makes for good Sunday afternoon infotaiment (izzat a word?)
72 WA??ITP
I love this radio stuff.
Lee, W9HIF
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