Re: Great CW operating article

Joe Cotton

Yes, great article about CW operation.  Af few things have changed since the article has been written.

1.  "Pick some station who is already calling CQ and answer his call rather than adding to the bedlam with a CQ of your own. On the remote chance that you hear no CQ's, go ahead and try one..."   
Today, everyone seems to be looking at a waterfall screen to see if anyone is on the air.  I would recommend that beginners also call CQ.  

2.  (paraphrase) Tuning around to find a reply signal...   That was for rigs crystal controlled.  With today's VFO controlled rigs, one should try to zero-beat the calling station before answering a call. 

3.  We now use BK for BacK to you.  Station-one sends BK and station-two starts with BK as if to say I'm taking it back now. 

4.  Or, use  KN to say Back to you only.  No other station to break in. this is more formal.   

5.  It's good practice to mention something that you received in the other station's last transmission, with an FB (fine business).  Like FB ON YOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW'S GOING HOME...

6.  Practice having a good fist - that is sending clear and copy-able code.  Proper spacing is key (no pun intended).  The article says to listing to professional "circuits" but we don't have any of these anymore.  You could listen to ARRL code, or my streaming station.

7.  There are many morse code decoders software, many for free. Get one and send to the decoder.  See how a decoder reads your sending!  You may be in for a shock. Most decoders need near-perfect code.     

Looks like I just added a few ideas - too!
73, Joe Cotton, W3TTT

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