Re: Recommendation for a Butane Soldering Iron?

Jeff, K9JP

Hello Mike,

I have had a Weller WPA2 - Pyropen Pro cordless Self-Igniting Butane Soldering Iron 60W, 482 to 932 degrees F. for at lest 10 years without issues or problems of any kind. There are over ten different tip styles that you can purchase to use with this Butane Soldering iron. The price has gone up over the years like everything else, but when you need cordless, this works very well.

73, Jeff K9JP

On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 9:56 AM Mike Stewart <mike.n0tu@...> wrote:

Greetings to the list. Happy Veterans Day, too.


I’m looking for recommendations for a butane soldering iron, something suitable for professional use in really rough conditions.


Anyone have one or two recommendations for a top-grade, durable, portable butane soldering iron? Price isn’t the most important consideration.


True, electric temp-controlled irons are preferable for most construction. The places this iron will be used don’t have electricity.


Many of the 4SQRP group are serious builders or professionals in the electronics industry. Sure would appreciate your insights. So would the intended recipient.


Thank you for the benefit of your experience and wisdom.




Mike Stewart



P.S. I have tried Google as my friend…and have little faith in the search results.

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