For Sale Renewed Dell Laptop

Dale Putnam

Here's a deal for someone looking for a small laptop, for flidigi work.
He has this one ready, and one being worked on. 
No.. he isn't trying to make enough to go to college, altho he is going.
Yes, full disclosure, but I don't know why, he is my son. and if you really want to 
know the rest of the story.. I will run a brag tape. (member the ol rtty days??)

Have a great day,

Dale - WC7S in Wy

"Actions speak louder than words"

Subject: Renewed Dell Laptop

I'm still completing the "in depth" spec sheet for the renewed Dell laptop, but here's a summary:

Model - Dell E6410
Storage - 1TB SSHD/hybrid drive (NEW)
Memory - 8GB (NEW)
CPU - i5-520M
OS - Windows 10 Pro currently loaded (can be replaced with customer's choice of Linux distro at no extra cost)
Display - 1280 x 780, 14.1 inches
Quirks - Dust buildup in plastic grills I haven't been able to clean out (no impact to sound or performance), under Windows the display will flicker after being left idle long enough to power off/sleep (hasn't happened in BIOS, memtest, or Ubuntu in my testing).
Price - $200 + shipping (buyer's choice, as long as it's available in Cheyenne)
Payment method - PayPal or Card (contact me if you'd prefer a different method and we can chat)
Pictures are available upon request (real, thorough pictures - not photoshopped marketing fluff).
Guaranteed to ship within three business days of payment receipt. 

One year warranty, 14 day no questions return window. I do ask that the buyer pays return shipping, but I'm not a heartless corporation - I'll work with you :)
I can't warranty anything along the lines of damage from coffee spills, drops, etc.

I don't sell anything I wouldn't buy myself, at the price listed - I'm proud of the work I put into it, I trust the parts I installed and I believe my testing was thorough and complete. If you're unhappy with the laptop, I want to make it right.


Matthew Putnam
Byte Sized Tech LLC

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