Re: Recommendation for a Butane Soldering Iron?

Jim Sheldon

I have fond memories of those old heavy copper soldering irons.  The first radio I ever repaired (I was around 11 years old) was done with one of those irons heated on the kitchen stove!  The radio was an old Crosley AM/Short Wave table top radio that had blown a dual 20 microfarad 300 volt electrolytic capacitor (power filter) and hummed like crazy.  My father was going to throw it out.  Local radio shop where I used to hang out (much to my father's dislike) taught me what I needed to know and actually gave me the capacitor.  Father quit yelling at me after I laid the radio on the kitchen table, cut out the old cap and soldered in the new replacement.  Plugged the radio in and it worked!  After that I was allowed to visit the radio shop as much as they would let me.  I'd have gotten my ham ticket way back then had I been able to learn CW on my own.  

CW came later after a year in college when due to financial reasons, I enlisted in the Army Security Agency as a "Morse Intercept Operator" and let Uncle Sam pound it into my head 8 hours a day.  Never looked back and CW still my favorite mode of operating.

Jim, W0EB

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We used these old school irons in little gas ovens to heat them in junior high.  I hated using those for soldering sheet metal projects, but eventually got the hang of it.  Here's to Mr Roy Vercruysse in 7th grade metal shop.

john - n0hj

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I wouldn't mind getting one of those old school irons that you heat with fire or a torch. Like this:

73    Dave

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