Fw: Mechanical problem

Timothy Stabler

Anybody have an answer for this fellow?
See you all at Ozarkcon.

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From: Charles Hooker
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Sent: Saturday, February 9, 2013 12:21 PM
Subject: Mechanical problem

I ordered a three-band transmitter-receiver kit from Doug KI6DS that mounts a small printed circuit board to a mother board using a 16-pin right-angled connector strip.  Unfortunately, the board mounting holes are too small for the spade-shaped pins in the connector strip.  I tried drilling out the holes, but succeeded only in displacing a few solder islands.  The Mouser catalogue does not offer any connectors that have round pins.

Short of spending infinite amounts of time filing the spade pins down to a round shape, I would appreciate any suggestions, or sources of round-pin connector strips.

72, Chuck Hooker, VE3CQH  ARCI # 12949

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