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DMR is different from DStar.  They are totally incompatible with each other (naturally).  You need an inexpensive DMR HT and a Zumspot (or similar hotspot), as well as a decent internet connection and WiFi, to get on the DMR net,  By the way, Zumspot is also supposed to work with DStar, but I haven't tried that.

The good news is DMR HT's are truly inexpensive, unlike DStar models.  And they work as regular FM HT's as well.  Zumspots only work with UHF HT's, so make sure the one you buy is either UHF or dual-band.

The DMR net is sometimes interesting.  Whether you'd want to invest in new equipment solely for the purpose of joining the net is a question you need to answer.

John AA0VE 

On 11/14/19 8:27 AM, David Speltz wrote:
Is there any way for those of us who have DStar radios to participate?

de David KX1L (formerly KB1PJ)

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