Finished my Nouveau 75, hum on transmit audio!

John P Lloyd


I finished my Nouveau 75 last night.
The receiver works fine, with nice audio. The sensitivity seems right in line with other comments that I have seen.

The transmitter puts out 2 watts; up to 6 watts with audio into a dummy load.
Although this is a bit low, none of the components are getting warm.

One issue that I have having is that there is a low level hum on the transmitted audio.
The hum is consistent regardless of the audio gain setting.
Other than that, the transmitted audio sounds FB.

Can anyone give me some advice on troubleshooting the audio hum issue?

Also, any comments about the low wattage? (I'm thinking right now if it ain't broke don't fix it!)

Thanks and 73, John W4JPL

P.S. I made some notes about building the rig, including mounting that pesky daughter board; if anyone is interested, I'll post them.

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