Re: Nouveau 75

Charles W. Powell

Thanks for the information Bob.  I have heard a lot of activity on 75m AM because I often just turn on the radio when I'm in the shack.  I'll have to pull out the Hardrock 50 if I really want to be heard.  The HR-50 should be fine because you can over-drive it beyond its specifications and the only worry is overheating.  As long as you watch the temp, it will be fine.  I think it's pretty heavily under-spec for what the finals can do.  

I figure that most of the stations won't hear me even if I try running barefoot.  I was surprised that Johnny and I couldn't work this evening because he was S9+20 on the CW net.  But then that's the difference between CW and AM.  I think it also might help if I put up a true NVIS antenna, like a horizontal loop in the back yard.  I have just enough room, so it's a matter of putting up some supports.  Anyway, the N-75 has been a surprisingly fun little project.

73, Charles NK8O

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