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Virgil R. Hammond <n0tgr@...>

Looks like T1 2 turn might be the problem Terry, I'll have to remove the board and go after it.
Tnx for your help. Dick, N0TGR

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GA Dick,
The first thing to to double check is T1.  The center tapped secondary winding has to be wound exactly like the picture in the instructions.   Don't ask me how I know :o)
If that's ok then check the windings on T3.  Chances are you'll find the problem on one of those two transformers. 
Does it receive ok? Hook it up to an antenna and peak C16 and C34.  If it doesnt act properly, the windings on T2 are the most likely culprit. 
Before doing much trouble shooting, I'd put a 1A or so diode in the plus lead of the power supply for reverse voltage protection. It so easy to hook it up wrong (unless you're a polarized plug) while concentrating on finding problems. A half volt drop won't make any real difference in output power, and certainly no difference in the received signal on the other end of a QSO. If you need one let me know, I'd be happy to mail some to you.  My pig only puts out 3W (actually a little less) and it's plenty.
Good luck and hope this helps.
----------------------------------I love this radio stuff !72   WAØITP
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Subject: [4sqrp] Pig Rig #130

Finished assembly and started checkout.
Keyer working OK. 
Problem:  no 1 watt on trans. driver alignment. C31 adj.
Any suggestions?
Dick, n0tgr

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