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I've recently acquired a (small) treasure trove of printed and CD materials on QRP.
Will send all your way once I've culled the lot.




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VHF, Summits and More: Having Fun With Ham Radio
by K0NR is the latest book in the w0rw Lending Library.
This book is now available on the 'TinyCat', (That is short for Tiny CATalog).  
Go to:
W0RW Lending Library. This is a Free Lending Library. If you have never ordered books before then you have to send me an email so I can approve your name and address, (Send email to w0rw1@...).
  where you can see all the books in the Library
   If you have never requested books before then you have to send me an email so I can approve your name and address, (Send email to  w0rw1@...).
   After you get approved you can double click on a book from the scrolling banner or add a key word in the search block to find one (like Spy or ARRL).
   If you want that book, and it shows as 'Available', Click "Check Out" button, then type in the password 'paraset'. Then select your name to check it out.
That's it. I will pack it up and mail it to you.

   You can write your own review of the book and it shows other similar books in the W0RW Lending Library. Most of these books can be purchased in hard copy or digital form from Amazon or found in your local Library.

Some Rules:
It is all free but there are rules to keep everything moving.
Only 2 books at a time maybe ordered out at a time.
Return books after 1 month.  You only pay return postage, Return books via USPS “Media Rate”. I can only ship to USA addresses.
Use the 'TinyCat' Web page to request books. 
i don't need to know when you received the book(s) or when you sent them off.
Procedure: I send the books to you, You read and return the book(s) to me or send them on to next person as advised on the circulation list.
Paul  Signorelli   w0rw
905 Zodiac Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO  80905

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