Bayou Jumper for sale

David Wilcox

I have had fun using my BJ after I built it a few years ago but now it the time to sell and go on to other kits on the bench.  

Mine is a first edition BJ built in a beautiful Hobby Lobby box along with the Soup'r Up'r kit (unbuilt) and a stock of crystals and items to make your own crystals.  

Please see the photos.

I am asking $125.00 plus $15.00 for shipping via Priority Mail mid sized box.  PayPal please.  Contact me with any questions.  Yes, it does work as per specs but this is a "no return" transaction. One just sold on eBay for this same price without the extras.  I am 100% on eBay but would like to reduce the extra work and their take from my sale price.  PayPal takes their share and the eBay plus PayPal fees eat up the selling price.  I am considering that.  Thank you for listening to my spiel.

Too many radios, too little energy and interest.  I have other kits waiting to be built and enjoyed.  I want this to be enjoyed more by someone else.

Contact me at djwilcox01 at gmail dot com only.  

Thank you.

Dave K8WPE since 1960.


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