Re: S Meter circuit or power out circuit for the Bayou Jumper

Jeff, K9JP

Greetings Rich - KY6R,

Might I suggest you look up field strength meter circuit on google.  The field strength meters is a simple build and will show you are transmitting during key down. 

Hope this helps.

72, de Jeff K9JP

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 6:06 PM KY6R <KY6R@...> wrote:
I will be building a Bayou Jumper and Souper Upper soon - and would like to add a meter - either an S meter or a power out meter. I'm guessing power out would be easier - but am not sure. This doesn't have to be perfectly accurate - its for "show" - to have a needle move either for RX or TX. 

I guess since its crystal controlled and I will most likely use it to demo on just one or two nearby frequencies - maybe a circuit for the S meter would be best. Even if the circuit is a tap off the audio amp - something to move an old meter - that would be cool.

I'm a software guy - and while I have done a lot of maker projects - and kit projects - I have never designed a circuit before - so I would appreciate some help.



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