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The 4SQRP Mailing List exists for several purposes:

  • To encourage the discussion of QRP activities and techniques, especially those that relate to 4SQRP events.
  • To provide support for 4SQRP kits and products on the main list or in one of the specialty subgroups.
  • To share your QRP operating experiences and techniques.
The 4SQRP Mailing list IS NOT for the purpose of supporting the products of other companies or clubs. If you have a question about their products or if you have a service issue with another vendor, this is not the place to discuss it. Contact them directly. We're sorry you had a problem but we aren't here to help everyone in the world.

If you choose to ignore our simple rules don't be surprised if you receive a note from a moderator, get yourself placed on permanent moderation, or get banned from the list. We are all reasonable people and are not vindictive. However, we can be provoked. The Moderators are volunteers. We get no pay, no free kits, etc.

One last comment; Sending a message outside the guidelines but marking it as "off topic" is sure fire way to get placed on moderation as you have clearly demonstrated that you don't believe the rules apply to you.

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