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Dale Putnam

Unfortunately, the hole through cladding connects the top of the board to the bottom of the board, in three cases.
Those in particular are critical to have continuity. The others not so much just from the board to the display board.
The pins in question fit into the holes with a careful and firm effort, providing a modicum of phyisical strength to the
display board, and firmly keeping it in place, without relying entirely on physically weak solder to hold it in place.
  Depending on which holes have been drilled, repairs may be done with no additional damage to the board, by adding
#30 silver coated wire from top to bottom through the holes that require it, and placing the connectors in place, soldering them
very well. BE attentive to the way the connectors must be placed, or it won't fit the case, when completed.
  After the display is in place, an ohmmeter may be a very good friend, to insure connectivity is accomplished.
Good Luck,

Have a great day,
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Anybody have an answer for this fellow?
See you all at Ozarkcon.

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I ordered a three-band transmitter-receiver kit from Doug KI6DS that mounts a small printed circuit board to a mother board using a 16-pin right-angled connector strip.  Unfortunately, the board mounting holes are too small for the spade-shaped pins in the connector strip.  I tried drilling out the holes, but succeeded only in displacing a few solder islands.  The Mouser catalogue does not offer any connectors that have round pins.

Short of spending infinite amounts of time filing the spade pins down to a round shape, I would appreciate any suggestions, or sources of round-pin connector strips.

72, Chuck Hooker, VE3CQH  ARCI # 12949

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