Re: GQRP kit (built) rigs for sale

Rich Holoch KY6R <rholoch@...>

I'm interested, but need to know how TR switching is done between the TX and RX

BTW - received the package - thanks!



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On Dec 3, 2019 9:44 AM, "David Wilcox via Groups.Io" <Djwilcox01@...> wrote:
I have enjoyed the GQRP kits xcvr, rcvr and their fine antenna matching unit but it is time to let someone else share the joy.  They are all working and are for sale as a group for $100.00 + $15.00 Priority Mail shipping.  See enclosed photos.

Contact me direct at Djwilcox01 at gmail dot come.

US shipping only. PayPal preferred payment but other methods will be considered.

Thank you.

Dave K8WPE since 1960

Other photos available... couldn't figure out how to shrink them down smaller.  Can only send 25 Mb total at one time.

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