Bayou Jumper Paraset needing repair

Dr. James A. Potter

Hi Jim,

I am reaching out to anyone in the hope that you may be able to tell me someone that would be qualified to repair my Bayou Jumper Paraset transceiver.

Last week I purchased the radio off of ebay and noted the following:
1) Output was a full 5 wts.
2) Great receiver
3) only problem I noted was upon transmitting, the normal sidetone was heard and when it was not heard the sidetone was replaced by a "hum" when transmitting. As I indicated, a full 5wts were being sent out and was heard by numerous Reverse Beacon Stations. The sidetone was only heard very sporadically. When placed in Receive mode, only the normal sidetone was heard when pressing the key without a "hum".

Last night, the transmitter stopped working completely. The sidetone/hum was heard, but no signal was being sent out.

Specifics about the radio are as follows:

1)The radio is the Rev 1 containing the green panel.
2)It contains the add-on "Soup'er Up'er kit" This was the PCB version 1.42 which exhibited an issue with the sidetone not working properly when a crystal was installed.It  
  appears no fix was made on my radio per the instructions provided with the Soup'er Up'er manual under errata on page 19 of that manual.
3)The receive audio mute, fine tuning, and filter work fine.

If anyone knows of someone qualified to repair the radio, I would greatly appreciate it. Cost is no problem. I simply want to enjoy the radio.

Thank you.


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