Re: SSS Results for December


Carl WB0CFF,

Thank you so very much for sharing.

My experiences with 4SQRP parallel yours. A wonderful bunch of guys and gals.

Hang in there OM.

Lovingly and Respectfully,

Don  W6BOW

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Hello to all 4 State QRP members,

I started with the 4 States group a bit over two years ago.  I have enjoyed the group.  It was fun to meet a dedicated group of QRP enthusiasts. 
In the process, I added a few new friends and enjoyed the company of a few that I had met elsewhere.

It is highly likely that my operating will be curtailed in 2020. I have been fighting stage four kidney cancer for over two years now. My cancer has returned three times, so far. I've had several biopsies, surgeries, and radiation treatment sets. My oncologist and I have been playing high-stakes Whack-A-Mole all this time. During Oct/Nov, I had a series of radiation treatments to deal with several new active sites. Now, I have started a targeted therapy to help suppress further flare-ups. The medication involved has been very rough on me and I start a second targeted therapy in parallel in January. It already took everything that I had to join in on the Nov/Dec sprints.

I have already shared this with John, AA0VE, and my friend, Chas, W2SH. I'm sharing this with the group at large for several reasons. If I cannot join you guys on the air, be certain to know that I will miss operating with you.  You welcomed me and I have had a lot of fun. I thank you all.  So, far, I have beaten the odds and if my oncologist continues to pull rabbits out of her hat, I may be able to still make some noise on the second Sunday of the month


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