Nouveau 75 user report

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Just wish I'd recorded the comments this morning after I checked into the Midwest Classic Radio Net using the Nouveau 75.  After I said I was QRP and described the rig the net control asked for signal reports and there had to be a dozen from 100 to 300 miles distant, ranging from "Solid S8"  to "30 over nine".   OK some S-meters are generous ;-)

But the real point is that 3 watts of well-modulated AM carrier is enough to be heard over substantial distances, given a clear frequency and decent antenna.   I've never been one for the long-winded AM old buzzard QSO but enjoy checking into nets where it is easy to tack "QRP" onto your call - many net controls will give priority to QRP stations.  And when your turn comes, you've got a clear channel.    I use a full size 80 meter dipole fed with ladder line and a matchbox,  but any resonant or efficiently tuned antenna will make the most of the power you have.     The effort Dave put into designing a modulator that provides the same PEP capability as an AM plate modulated signal certainly helps as well.

With a good antenna and clear frequency, I think the Nouveau 75 will be heard by every station you can hear!

73, Bob W9RAN

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