Re: Looking for Hilltoppers for sightless Ham

Bobby Rolph

I have a 20 meter Hilltoppers that has already been built that I will sale if you are interested,
Bobby Rolph

On Sunday, January 5, 2020, 1:41 PM, Austin Seraphin <ka3ttt@...> wrote:

Hi. Thanks for letting me know that the Hilltopper outputs CW. I recently joined the 4SQRP list and wondered about their radios, as a blind ham myself. Sorry I can't directly help your friend. Do they know about Handiham? I assume so, but if not then they make a good resource. I have an Elecraft KX3, which also has a CW interface. I'd like to know about more affordable options though for others, and who knows.....

On 1/5/20 11:01 AM, PeteWK8S via Groups.Io wrote:
Looking to assist a friend who is sightless. He'd like to buy a Hilltopper 40 and/or 20. 
Since these rigs output frequency in CW they would be ideal for him.

Please contact me I help work things out with Fred N9BSO

Pete WK8S
pmeier at me dot com
73, Austin, KA3TTT

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